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The Downside of Emotional and Physical Punishment – and the Upside of Alternatives

After many months of not writing consistently, I’m readying myself to utilize my voice more fully to grow positive parenting in my heart, home and the world. Today, I invite you to accept my humble invitation to participate in the third annual Peaceful Parenting No Spank Challenge, hosted by Amy Bryant of Parenting Beyond Punishment […]

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Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings Chapter 1

Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings – Introduction and Chapter 1 Discussion

Five kids between the ages of two and fourteen (with various personalities, needs, interests and human intricacies), one mom (my age doesn’t matter much, but dealing with my baggage makes all of the difference and this is a process for sure). This is my current reality. The need for Dr. Laura Markham’s new book Peaceful […]

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The Sixty Second Shift - An Alternative Approach to Blowing Up and Shutting Down

The Sixty Second Shift – An Alternative Approach to Blowing Up or Shutting Down

How could it be possible to shift your parenting experience in as little as sixty seconds? Simply by accessing the ability to choose while utilizing your imagination, you can open the door for change in the moment and in your relationship with your child (or yourself). Preparation: Begin taking whole body pictures when things are […]

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Sharing meditation...

Mindfulness for Children: Exercises for Emotional Regulation & Focus

Have you ever had one of those moments where your child is emotionally distraught beyond your ability to soothe (or be present with), you both end up frustrated and you wish you had some way to stop this from happening ever again? Like, really, some way to consistently meet these experiences and at the same time […]

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