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Force Free Parenting Isn’t Easy – Update on the Writing of the Book

A couple of years ago I began writing a book, Force Free Parenting. My vision for the book was for it to be a comprehensive exploration, resource and collection of alternatives regarding the nature and use of force in adult child relationships. My vision remains. However, my life has changed since I started writing and […]

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The Effects of Force – Chapter 3

We live in a cause and effect world. Actions bring about consequences, or results. When we consider the effects of force in our lives and relationships, some may seem really clear while others may be tricky to fully understand. This is largely due to the fact that we cannot determine another person’s experience. Communication is […]

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When Force Feels Necessary Part 2 – Real Life Example: Babies

When we are questioning the use of force, we are somehow deeming it potentially necessary. The next few posts will share some real life examples using ACT (Assess, Choose, Trust) to determine how we want to move forward when we are considering the use of force1. We have a myriad of choices in any given […]

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Brief Interruption and Invite for the Sane Parenting Challenge

What effect does force have in your life? What about your child’s? These are the topics we’ll be discussing for the next few posts, once I get back to writing the book! First, I have an important interruption and invitation for you – The Sane Parenting Challenge. When I wrote Sane Parenting (Chapter 17 – Practical Alternatives […]

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The Ways We Force – Expectation and Projection: Chapter 2 Section 10

Expectation and Projection – What are your expectations for your child right now? How about for yourself? Our expectations may or may not meet reality, but they certainly contribute greatly to our experience. Check in with your expectations to see how they are forming your parenting journey and how you can shift them to create […]

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How We Use Our Personal Will

How often do you think about the make up of your personal will? Unless we are philosophical or religious scholars – or life enthusiasts with an interest in how people come to and make their choices – we might not deeply consider the full potential of our personal will. It’s worth considering, though, because we […]

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The Unseen – Why Some Parenting Strategies Don’t Work or Don’t Work For Long

Have you ever noticed that some parenting strategies simply don’t stick – or don’t stick for long? It’s like something will work for a while and then something changes and woop – not anymore! We can attribute this to differences in children, parents, personality, ability, ages and stages. Some of that has its pertinence for […]

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