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Clear Presence

A few years ago my life took some sharp twists and turns that brought me to surrender everything I thought I knew… which distilled life down to the presence we bring – to ourselves, our thoughts, emotions, interactions, family, friends, work – to our full expression as human beings.

These days, presence is a common buzz word that often refers to being present and aware in the moment, not distracted by the running thoughts in the mind, what we have to do later on or what happened yesterday. While being present to what is happening in the moment, right here and now, is an aspect of presence, when I talk about clear presence I’m pointing to the pure potential that gives rise to our very existence. Potential with a clear intent to thrive, even in the most dire of circumstances. The potential we are so graciously gifted in conjunction with the ability to choose how we express.

Clear presence is about choosing who and what we are in our lives, families and the world, one moment at a time, through awareness that can be cultivated with mindfulness and meditation. We become clear by becoming aware and making choices. Hard choices, easy choices, messy choices, powerful choices, aware choices, mistaken choices – and along the way learning about who we are through the awareness of our thoughts, emotions, patterns, responses, weaknesses, strengths and continuing growth potential.

The presence we bring to life can’t fully be put into words, but we can gradually learn to choose what we bring. I invite you to deepen your experience of presence through exploring some of the links below.

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