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Enjoying Busy Times Moment by Moment

Welcome to the Mindful Mama Carnival hosted by Becoming Crunchy and TouchstoneZ. Enjoy the posts about staying mindful during the holiday season.

Life is busy. Sometimes it slows down, although the holidays are often viewed as busy because we see people we don’t often see or we participate in activities we don’t often participate in. However we are experiencing busy times there are always a few ways we can enjoy, or at least surrender willingly into them to make the most of our experience.


When life gets busy, decide what is most important to you. What do you want your experience to be like and how do you want to handle it when you are experiencing it otherwise? Maybe you will list health, relaxation, connection, an organized home, being on time, or something else. What are three things you can do to focus on what you deem important during the busy times?


Often we can get in a snit because we battle with our own abilities or patterns, and those of others (family or friends we don’t often see). If you find yourself in this type of a scenario, bring in honor. How can you honor and accept yourself or another in the moment to simply enjoy the experience you are having a little more? Smile, hug, seek to understand and then seek to be understood? How do you express and experience honor?


One act that can cut through the stress of anything is to start appreciating whatever you can. Your hands, your legs, your eyes, your nose to breathe – whatever. Keep going from there. Your child’s smile, soft skin, your partner’s ability to call you on your stuff or stand back while you work it out on your own, your mother’s ability to be her unique self. If you’re ever in a pinch during a busy time ask  yourself, “What can I appreciate right here and now?”

Inner body awareness

When we pay attention to and check in with ourselves, everything changes… opens. Start by noticing your breath, you don’t have to change it, just notice. You can learn to do this in the midst of activity, also; it just requires a bit of diligence and willingness. Gradually bring your attention deeper inside to your body. How does it feel? Deepen even more by gradually feeling the life energy inside of your body from your fingertips, up to your head, and down to the tips of your toes. Allow yourself to soften and relax. For a more in depth example, try this simple meditation.


To yourself, others, sounds, experiences. Stay silent and recognize the peace present in silence. Open and receive another. Just listen. I am appreciating this practice so much in my life that I can’t quite put words to how valuable simply listening can be in life. Really a stress reducer to be open to receive and not need to tout back. Just listen. Try it. 🙂


If times get tough or sticky between family or friends, mediate. Come in with a “we can work this out” attitude to facilitate communication and conflict resolution. You may need to practice a little bit before bringing this to a stressful family get together. If you don’t have a framework to guide you, there is a step-by-step outline for peaceful conflict resolution in The Whole Body Camera: Practices to Facilitate Harmony in Parenting and Life. Download a copy and feel free to let me know how it goes.


One simple way to enjoy any season of life is to presence one’s self to the moment. Another way of saying this is to surrender to what the moment is asking of you. Not in defeat; in willingness. Not what your mother-in-law, your tiredness, your crabby kid, or your grumbling partner is asking of you… the moment. What is the moment asking of you? Even if the moment is full of intense emotion can you allow yourself to become fully aware of the right here and now? Can you feel your breath and body? You can. Can you feel the love you hold in your heart for life and those you care about? You can, it’s there. Then see what comes next. It may very well be to help your MIL, or take a rest, or hug your kid, or love your partner… and it will be by choice and through surrendering to the moment. 🙂


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