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I Find My Way To Peace

Peace is an aspect of myself that I can access by choice. I don’t have to believe this to recognize that it is true through experience.

I notice my breath and feel it coming in and out of my body. As I focus on my breath, I also notice how my body feels. I allow my body to become comfortable, noticing and releasing tension. I bring my attention deeper into the inside of my body, feeling the life energy in my hands, arms, neck, and head.

I breathe intentionally and deeply. I feel my breath penetrate every cell of my body. I notice the life inside of me moving from my head down my neck, chest, abdomen, waist, legs, feet, and toes. I feel the sensation of alive stillness within and relax into this moment. Acknowledging this peace and inner space allows me to take action with clarity and certainty.

I accept the reality of the situation. If I have been emotionally unavailable or unwell, the kids are having a tough time, or whatever is going in my home – I begin with acceptance. What is, is. The past does not predict the future – the present can influence it. I move forward from here.

I guide with the result in mind. What do I want? If my first response is for someone to stop something or do something different, I shift my focus to what I do want. I express what needs to stop if necessary and then lovingly guide my child towards what is appropriate. I let go and expect.

Peace begins at home. We are creating peace from the inside out. It looks messy sometimes, but gets easier with practice.

Children are mirrors. What are my children reflecting? I love them for all they show to me. I am learning to appreciate the ups and the downs.

I love and forgive. I feel the feeling of love, allow it to grow in my heart and ripple out. I release negative emotion towards myself and others. I cry if necessary. I can start over in any moment because all I have is now.

We connect. I stroke their hair, touch them gently, give a hug or a high five, wrestle or snuggle. I look into their eyes. I listen and talk. I allow the communication we have to be meaningful. We find our way to peace. 🙂

Are you struggling as a parent? If so, I’d like to share something with you: a story and some hope.