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Mindfulness & Meditation for Children

photo by Ami Fountain

Mindfulness meditation helps children strengthen innate abilities while exploring problem solving, focus, centering and using the power of awareness to direct their bodies and lives.

Mindfulness training with children is continually being studied and has been found to help reduce anxiety (life and school related) and pain while improving reading achievement and internal motivation1. Various forms of relaxation techniques are currently being used in schools to successfully reduce stress and increase the ability to deal with challenges23. Research continually demonstrates that both parents and children benefit from meditation and it can help reduce stress in parents of children with special needs.

Share Meditation with Children

Meditation can be shared with children even when they’re in the womb. The following simple exercises, books and links can help you incorporate meditation into your life with children of any age. Some include Amazon affiliate links.

Pregnancy, Birth, Babies 



If you have additional resources, please contact me and I’ll add them.

Private Sessions and Classes

Sharing meditation...Meditation for children offers kids, parents, teachers, and caregivers a series of opportunities to experience the benefits of centering and awareness with kids at home, in class, and through out life.

As a mom of five and trained mindfulness meditation facilitator, I blend experience and knowledge to help incorporate meditation into your life to benefit you and the children you are entrusted.

Connect with me to learn techniques to help with focus, relaxation, achievement, confidence, working through emotions, problem solving, reduction of anxiety and healing. We can schedule private sessions by phone or video and live classes in Central Michigan for you and the child(ren) in your life. If you’re interested in online classes, learn more about Clear Kids – Mindfulness Course for Children.