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Mom’s Cave

Image Credit: Robin Urton of
Image Credit: Robin Urton

A safe space to meet the challenges of mothering

  • All moms welcome.
  • Share, listen and discover opportunities in the challenges you face.
  • Learn viable ways to meet stress and solve problems collaboratively with your children, partners, friends and others (instead of yell, blame, shame or punish).
  • Written guide to clarify and strengthen self care, video support calls and private discussion group
  • $10 month to month subscription payment; cancel anytime
  • More info and sign up button will be added soon.

Twice Monthly Gatherings on Zoom

Meeting Outline

  • We open the meeting with introductions, followed by a guided meditation.
  • We figure out how much time each person has to talk and then take turns sharing, listening, reflecting and problem solving when people ask for help.
  • We close the meeting with another brief meditation and visualization to take into our mothering experience.

When & Where

  • Zoom
  • Times and Days to be determined

Private Discussion Group

  • Share and support other moms in a private Facebook group

About the Facilitator

  • Amy Phoenix is a mom of five, parent educator and mindfulness meditation facilitator committed to helping parents turn challenges into opportunities while strengthening force free, trust full relationships in all areas of life.

Redefining the meaning of cave.