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Navigating Emotions for Parents

Practical Alternatives to Blowing Up and Shutting Down

Navigating Emotions for ParentsHave you ever had one of those parenting moments where you wonder if you are really cut out for this? Maybe you yelled, stewed in anger or even lashed out at your child? Many parents experience these ups and downs – until we learn how to navigate our emotions.

I’ve definitely been there. Motherhood surprised me with both nurturing and infuriating aspects. Early on I felt frustration and rage that I had no idea what to do with – and I certainly did not want to be directing it at my loved ones. The challenges reached a point where I couldn’t continue on the way I was and I committed to transforming anger in myself for good.

During this process (which is ever unfolding and thankfully I am no longer lashing out at my loved ones when I feel angry), I’ve been coming up with little exercises to navigate through the challenging moments. When I shared one of the first ones, The Sit Down — an alternative to blowing our lid, popping our top or otherwise spewing our internal misery onto those around us, I realized that I’m not the only one out here working to change these harmful patterns. The thing is, parents are busy and we need quick, helpful tools we can apply to our lives.

Navigating Emotions for Parents is a collection of practical, in-the-moment mindfulness exercises to stop and change what we do when we feel upset (and I continue to use them myself to reroute force into truth, trust and love). Each exercise is only a page or two long and you can read one then practice it for a week or so and make it your own. By the end of the book you’ll have twenty useful tools to help you navigate the emotional waters of parenting.

Learn how to find the peace in silence, have a satisfying shout, sit down, make a smooth exit or even let a special notebook do the talking for you — instead of blowing up. Parenting isn’t easy, but we can learn how to embrace the challenges and change our responses. Navigating Emotions provides some pointers, you get to experience the benefits when you apply them. Click here to read a few of the exercises to see if they may be helpful for you.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom” –Victor Frankl

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Navigating Emotions Ebook – $2.99

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