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Parenting is amazing, and challenging.

It can be difficult to nurture our children when we are struggling with sleep deprivation, doubt, frustration, anger, lack of support, disagreements with those we love, pain from the past, discipline dilemmas or whatever else parenting brings to the surface.

What's with the weighted tree?

What’s with the weighted tree?

I can totally relate. My name is Amy Phoenix and I’m a meditating mom of five. Parenting can be crazy for me sometimes (hence the need for meditation).

Crazy’s not all bad, especially when it equates to fun and joy shared between loving family members. However, when doubt and anger mix with the craziness – our loving presence is affected and we may not be able to be the parents we know we are (or want to be) deep inside.

In these conflicted moments, it is vital to honor our feelings. When parenting is a struggle, it can be really helpful to learn how to weather the challenges, strengthen our loving presence and discover the hidden opportunities we have as parents (even in tantrums, teen angst or not knowing how to balance our needs with those of our kids).

What are your feelings telling you? If you’d like to create some space to learn from what you feel so you can parent more in line with your values, please accept my invitation to rest here for a bit and explore simple resources to reduce shame and increase compassion, slow down and savor the momentnavigate emotions, implement alternatives to punishment and cultivate force free, trust full relationships.

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Helpful Links to Get Started

SAFE – An invitation to feel what you feel fully and safely. SAFE is a step-by-step process for meeting emotions and can be especially helpful if you struggle to handle anger responsibly or are working through past trauma.

Simple Inquiry – Give your parenting experience direction by considering what you really want, what doesn’t work and what does, along with how you can work with resistance through acceptance.

Simple Meditation – We can learn to relax into life through noticing and strengthening the ability to rest deeply, in whatever circumstances we face. Meditate in the moment and in a quiet practice to develop the skill of choosing your response to life (and your kids) intentionally.

Choosing Presence (aka Sane Parenting Challenge) – An opportunity to become skilled at stopping the reaction cycle so you can change the way you respond when parenting feels intense. Each week we practice an integral microskill to help deepen the ability to stop and choose how we experience ourselves, our children and our lives.

Navigating Emotions – One of the biggest sticking points in parenting is dealing with how we and our children feel. Start with yourself and learn how to navigate emotions with simple exercises you can apply to your life right now.

Ways to Discipline a Child – One of the most important and challenging decisions we make as parents is how we teach our children. Learn the differences between punishment, permissiveness and discipline so you can make a clear decision that is in line with your values.

Quick Help Articles – Rewrite your parenting experience with affirmative statements, choose some alternatives to blowing up and shutting down, use your whole body as a camera to appreciate parenting and learn how you can change your parenting experience one moment at a time.

Presence Parenting Principles – The deeper philosophy of this work.

Other Helpful Resources – books, websites, etc.