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Presence Parenting Principles

Here’s some of the deeper philosophy behind Presence Parenting. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Parenting is sacred.

We are nurturing life; there is nothing more precious or valuable. Whether or not we embrace a particular religion or spiritual view, parenting pulls forth from us all that we are — and more. Parenting has the potential to teach us about the nature of spirit, that which is the basis life, in a way no other role can teach. I embrace my role.

Parenting is an invitation.

Each experience asks a valuable question. How am I choosing to be in this moment? Parenting calls us to discover and decide who we really are, to heal as we choose what we bring forward from the past, to make the most of the present as we create the future. We have the opportunity to experience and live from our deepest nature — the peaceful basis of being which is always present, but often overlooked. I accept each invitation as it comes. I call myself forward.

The challenges of parenting are opportunities in disguise.

The moments we feel most challenged are perfect opportunities to dig deep and learn how to live what we value. The ups and downs of the parent-child relationship carry as much personal growth potential for parents as they do for children. Even the worst challenges contain hidden opportunities for clarity, growth, and deeper connection to life itself. Appreciation of all experience allows us to discover insights, wisdom, and unconditional joy. I am curious about what I find frustrating and I discover opportunities in challenges.

Parents nurture the tone of the home.

We probably notice how this plays out in our lives. If we’re on, it’s flowing well. If we’re off, well, it’s likely that we’re not the only one. While we could fight the fact that we are leaders in our families, we can also find solace in our ability to influence those around us in the ways we choose. I courageously start with myself, consciously clarifying the ripple effect I have on everyone. I learn to lead by example.

Parents hold the emotional space for the family.

We nurture either a closed and prohibitive or open and safe space to feel for our families. Denial doesn’t work. Neither does shaming, stuffing, or shutting down. Honoring all emotions is necessary to experience true inner contentment. Instead of viewing emotions as good or bad, they are regarded as signals from the spirit of truth at the base of our being, communicating important messages about what we need and value. As I am emotionally responsible I open the space for others to be the same. I nurture an environment of safety and trust through cultivating the safe space to feel.

Parenting opens us to the simple joy of being.

Simple joy may come through circumstances and it is also ever present, within us and our experiences — waiting to be discovered, acknowledged, and affirmed. As we acknowledge the basis, we experience our true power and influence as parents. I affirm the peace, contentment, and appreciation of simply being alive in ways that are meaningful to me.

Parenthood is a process.

We have multiple, and sometimes repeated, opportunities for refinement. From the moment we are born parents until we breathe our last breath, we are evolving. We learn from our experience, practice new skills and implement new ways of interacting – with ourselves, children and others. I am gentle with myself. I embrace the process.

Parents nurture the world.

Parents cultivate the space to grow and heal – themselves, their families, the world. We not only influence our families, but each other and everyone around us. I share what I discover, allowing it to flow to others as I learn to embrace and enjoy parenting. I am a living example of my values.