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Privacy Policy

Email addresses are never shared, rented, or sold. Affiliate links are occasionally shared. When these links are clicked, cookies are collected from the computer you are using to track the sale. The length of time these cookies are tracked varies from merchant to merchant and are only used to ensure affiliate payments are made to Amy Phoenix.

All private correspondence is kept completely confidential. The only caveat to this is in situations where a person is in danger of harming themselves or another. If such a situation arises the matter is discussed with the person of concern before anyone else is involved. In other words, if you intend to harm yourself or another and you tell me about it I will ensure accountability on your part by talking to you directly about your thoughts, feelings and other options.

When we choose to participate in open online discussion, such as on the blog, we are putting our “business in the street”, as it is said. We all benefit from parent-to-parent discussion and appreciate the willingness to be open and vulnerable, share what feels comfortable and respond to one another with sensitivity.

Parents participating in private online and forum discussion are expected to keep conversations confidential unless they have received permission from all people involved to share specific information.

Thank you. 🙂