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Private Sessions

Parenting isn’t easy. Sometimes we need support along the way. Friends, family, local and online support groups, therapy, coaching and education can all be helpful.

We need people...When I meet with a parent for a private session, first and foremost, I want to really hear what you’re experiencing. We need to express openly and be heard. As you’re ready, we’ll explore what’s surfacing to become clear about what’s not working, what is working, what options you have to address challenges and how you can proceed forward one moment at a time. We address your inner experience of parenting and any questions that surface. Private sessions offer a blend of parent to parent listening support, meditation, curiosity, education and refreshing perspectives to help you leave the session feeling heard, supported and ready to meet whatever’s next in your life. Sometimes it may feel like a deeply healing chat with a therapist or friend, while other times it might be a guided meditation journey and yet another session could be mostly focused on education. What you get from the session is based on what you need at the time.

No issue is too big or taboo.

We meet here and now, wherever you are on your parenting path. Deepen your ability to choose your response when parenting feels intense and transform any challenge into an opportunity for clarity, growth, and connection in your family.

Yes, any challenge.

Home with the kids? We can work with kids if you are home caring for your children. You know what works best for you. We can work around background noise and interruptions.

It can also be helpful for two parents or caregivers from the same family, or even friends from different families, to have sessions together. In situations where parenting styles seem too far apart, private sessions can help both parties nurture the children in their own unique ways.

Consultations from a Distance

We meet by phone, video or email. If you are in the U.S. or Canada, I will call you for our session. If you are in another part of the world I will provide a number for you to call or we can schedule a video session.

Email Consultations

If you prefer written support, email consultations may work well. This is how an email consultation works…

First, you send an email outlining the issues you are experiencing. In the email include: what you have tried to address the issue, how you feel when the situation arises, what thoughts you have during and about the situation, and what you ultimately want as an outcome. If you are not clear about any piece, that’s okay, just share what comes to you.

Next, within 3-4 days (sometimes sooner) I will write you back with reflections about what you are feeling, thinking, and experiencing along with ways to transform the problem into an opportunity, practical suggestions to shift the experience for everyone involved, positive discipline suggestions when applicable and affirmative thoughts you can incorporate to support yourself mentally and spiritually.

Then, you have the opportunity to ask questions about what I shared. Last, I will email you back any clarifications.

Learn to Respond Lovingly to Distractions

Sometimes distractions arise – like a child crying, dog barking, phone ringing, or some persistent thought cycling in your mind. Life calls, we get to choose how we respond. During our time together there may be some background noise on either end of the line. While I work to cultivate a quiet space for sessions, I also work from home and occasionally need to assist my children for a few moments. Distractions for either of us can serve as opportunities to deepen and nurture the ability to respond to such interruptions with love.

Consultations vs. Therapy

My background includes undergraduate studies in social work, psychology and human services along with parent education facilitation and mindfulness meditation training. (View my training certificates here). My personal experience includes deep commitment and determination to live with compassion, connection and collaboration day by day, which you can read about herehere and on the blog.

Private consultations support adults and children in learning and practicing skills to navigate emotions, become clear about discipline and create collaborative relationships – and are not considered therapy. Consulting offers the opportunity to explore what doesn’t work for you, what does and the support and accountability to learn and implement new thoughts, skills and behaviors.

Consultation Fees and Packages

When learning new skills, repetition is part of the process (for adults and children alike)! While meeting once or twice can be very helpful, continued support may assist you in making lasting changes. Please contact me with any questions.

  • Phone, video and in person consulting packages:
    • 1 session/month – $40
    • 2 sessions/month – $70
    • 3 sessions/month – $100
    • 4 sessions/month – $120
  • Sessions are sixty minutes in length.
  • Email support between sessions is provided to package clients.
  • Session packages need to be paid in full when first session is scheduled and used by December 31, 2018. Sometimes there may be a wait in scheduling, depending on how many parents I’m working with at the time you schedule.

Click on the button below to make a payment of any amount through PayPal.

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Schedule a Consultation

Sessions are scheduled in US Eastern time generally during the weekdays, however we can find other mutually agreeable times as needed. When you’re ready to schedule, please email me with some open times for you and we’ll set up a session.

What Parents Are Sharing

Thank you for a glorious session. Not knowing what to expect, you listened fully, you were warm, compassionate and tuned into the issues concerning my children and helped me clarify my vision of parenting in the most supportive way! My heart and soul felt full of blessings after the call. — Deborah

Amy has a way of letting me talk about my experience without judgment. I find that every time I face a challenging situation and talk about it during a session, it automatically becomes less of a challenge. — Annie Bourgault

After the session I felt clean – light – crisp – and brimming with energy and love. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really enjoyed talking to a real live person who understood what I was going through, who wanted to help me, and who could help me in a way I wanted to be helped! — Lisa

For me, the nurturing presence session was very therapeutic, and I came out of it feeling a bit like I would after a counseling session with my therapist. I think I felt that way simply because that was what I needed out of the session that particular day: it could’ve just as easily felt more like parent coaching or life/career coaching if that is what I had needed out of the experience in that moment. I think that’s the beauty of this type of nurturing presence session: Amy holds the space for you to take exactly what you need out of it in any given moment.– Amy of Anktangle