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Simple Meditation – Feel What You Feel

Meditation introduces and affirms an aspect of ourselves that is always present and often overlooked. You don’t have to do anything special, just follow along. If you would like, choose an amount of time and some music in the relaxation and meditation timer at the bottom of the page before you continue or click here to listen to a guided meditation.

Notice the sensation of your breath coming in and out of your body. Really feel your breath expand into your lungs and abdomen, then out through your nose or mouth. As you feel your breath, notice how it expands beyond your torso into every cell of your body.

If you get distracted at any point, bring your attention back to your breath and body. Notice how your body feels where you are situated. If there are any sensations present, just notice them.

Focus on your breath and bring your attention deeper inside to your inner body. Begin to feel the life inside of your hands. There is an energy present within you that is noticeable when you pay attention to it. You may feel a tingling, warmth, lightness – or some other sensation.

As you notice the life that is inside of you, bring your attention up your hands into your arms and shoulders. Feel the life present here. It may have a pulsating or vibrating sensation – an alive stillness.

Continue bringing gentle attention deeper into the inner body as you move up your neck, head, and face. You may even trace your features from the inside with your attention and energy. Again, if you get distracted – bring your attention into feeling your breath.

Follow the breath and life down your neck, chest, abdomen, waist, legs, feet and toes. Feel the your whole body. Notice any sensations present. Feel the peace that rests in this awareness.

If you feel any tension bring all of your attention to that point – focus there and welcome the sensation. Continue the awareness of your breath and notice any sensations that arise. You may feel moved to spontaneous tears or laughter – or deeper peace.

Stay with it and inquire into the sensation with your own words. Something like “what do you need?” will generally offer the opportunity for a clear answer. Listen and acknowledge the response. “Yes, I see.” Often there may be a simple directive or answer that we can tend to – such as “love” or “listen to me”. These compassionate insights come from our inner consciousness that relates to emotions.

Allow yourself to feel what you feel as you continue focusing on your breath. Notice the deep peace and stillness present within, however subtle or simple. This is the basis of life. Take it with you.

If meditation feels difficult or you are healing trauma, start with SAFE.