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Terms of Service and Comment Policy

Here’s the legal aspect of sharing information and support on a website – an agreement you enter when you use this site, Presence Parenting and/or services with Amy Phoenix. Thank you for reading and agreeing to the information below. If any changes are made to these terms of service you will be notified by email.


You accept full responsibility for what you do with the information and support provided and you agree to make the most of your experience while you are here – asking questions and clarifying as necessary. The information and resources provided are done so with the intention to help people make the most of life and support well being. The services do not substitute for appropriate health care with a qualified professional. You are encouraged to continue any health care you may be currently receiving. Please feel free to refer health care professionals to this site if there are any questions about the nature of information and support provided.


All content is copyright by Amy Phoenix. No content may be copied, used or otherwise distributed without proper attribution. Any violation of this will be handled directly and through legal means.

Comment Policy

Please feel free to share comments that further the discussion in a helpful way or ask questions to clarify information. My main intention in responding to comments is to provide support and clarity. At times I may not respond directly to all comments.

Inflammatory or off topic comments will not be approved.

By sharing on the site, you grant Amy Phoenix the perpetual right to duplicate, edit and publish any original content you contribute (i.e. comments, forum posts or audios) to support the work of Amy Phoenix (i.e. future classes or print materials). You will not be financially compensated for the content used unless we have made an agreement to do so in advance.

Rest and Relaxation

Oh – and you agree to at least attempt to experience some rest and relaxation while you’re here. You can start by resting for a few minutes right now. Bring your attention right here, right now. Focus on your breath, notice how it feels coming in and out of your body, get comfortable, and relax into this moment.