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Waking up with Meditation

Welcome to the Mindful Mama Carnival hosted by Becoming Crunchy and TouchstoneZ. Enjoy the posts about embracing challenges in mindfulness. 🙂

Starting the day with meditation is not a new idea or practice. It’s probably been around as long as people have inhabited the planet since meditation can be whatever helps one feel connected to the earth, life, the creative essence of everything.

Many years ago when I first started on this path in my life it was suggested that I meditate before even getting out of bed. I tried it off and on. I liked it. I also found that when I was really tired, I would go back to sleep. That wasn’t exactly the intended result although it wasn’t all bad. I probably needed the rest. 🙂

Recently, though, I’ve felt inspired to begin waking up with meditation. I meditate everyday within an hour or two of getting up anyhow, but there’s something magical that happens in also choosing to immediately meditate upon awakening to a new day. So… the challenge for me (and you if you’re up for it) is to embrace and continue this practice fully.

Here are a few ways I meditate while still in bed, sometimes with eyes closed laying down, other times sitting up gazing at the sun… most often I combine all three. 🙂

Each day is a new beginning – PDF
Inner Body Meditation – audio
Grounding Meditation – audio

In my experience, the benefits of waking up this way are limitless and unique to the individual. These are some I am experiencing and look forward to continuing…

  • A gradual centering and awakening into my mind, body, and day (instead of a rushed or fuzzy feeling following me into the day’s activities)
  • A scan of my body into both relaxation and rejuvenation (instead of walking into the day with any soreness I might have slept into through the night by sleeping in a funky position or something)
  • Clearing of any dream residue or mental activity that isn’t helpful
  • Awakening of all body parts, instead of just my mind
  • Acknowledgement of the Presence within myself and all of life
  • Connectedness to myself, the Creator, my loved ones, and others I may come in contact with
  • Grounded, rooted in the earth, like a plant, I feel steady and ready for the day and what life brings
  • Memorizing the sacred truths in the “Each day is a new beginning” meditation helps me recognize them all through out my day, bringing awareness to what is truly important to me in life
  • Calm, peaceful, positive attitude
  • Ability to re-center, re-ground more easily during the day if I feel the need

I am finding that this doesn’t take much time, either. Five to fifteen minutes makes a world of difference. I’ve been doing it long enough now that I don’t look at a clock, I just go with how I feel.

Here are a few pointers for waking up with meditation…

  • Begin noticing your breath and bring your attention deeply into your body immediately upon waking up. Continue guiding your attention into your body even if you have thoughts, emotions, and sensations going every which way as you start to rouse. Focus will bring you into your center of being, you can even feel the center of your head, abdomen, limbs, fingers, toes, whatever.
  • If you usually push a snooze button or wait until the last minute to get out of bed, use that time to meditate.
  • If you usually jump out of bed in a hurry, plan on spending a few minutes in bed resting in relaxation. Five will do and won’t dent your plans for the day.
  • Keep your expectations loose, simple. Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t meditate as long as you’d like, honestly one or two breaths with the intention of noticing your body is a start.

So… how you do you start your day?

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