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What’s with the weighted tree?

What's with the weighted tree? I’ve noticed something about parents throughout my lifetime. When we feel weighted down, we can be apt to throw our weight around.

Here’s another conclusion I’ve surmised: This is never helpful.

When we throw our weight around, our kids feel it and we generally end up feeling bad about it later. Especially if we cross the lines of our values.

Not only is the heaviness of our weight felt by everyone involved, we’re not really addressing the root of the problem: that we can benefit from grounding ourselves into balance, like the strength of the strongest tree.

We can benefit from realizing our amazing ability as parents to use our weight (personal power) to direct our lives on purpose, and in effect help our children to do the same.

A tree who knows its own weight.Our children are never really trying to pull us down, they are calling us forward to step into our ability to live life with fore thought and intention. They are asking us to show them how to create lives they are grateful to be living. They are asking us to be clear mirrors so they know their own ability to weather challenges and sway with the wind in strength and confidence.

As we realize that we don’t have to be a weighted tree that throws its weight around we can grow to experience the joys of being the solid foundation from which our children grow, with plenty of smiles and hugs along the way (even when the laundry’s piled up and the kids need us all at once).

Thank you to Lives In The Balance for the inspiration to nurture a balanced tree through learning how to solve problems collaboratively.