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Welcome to Presence Parenting...I’m glad you’re here. I invite you to spend a few moments simply resting while you read. Take a cleansing breath and allow your shoulders to soften. It’s so easy to move from one thing to the next and get all wrapped up in the busy-ness of life. If there’s one thing I can share while you visit this site, it’s an invitation to slow down and rest for a few moments.

My name is Amy Phoenix and I am a meditating mom of five committed to cultivating force free, trust full relationships. Early on, doubt and anger overshadowed my parenting experience, resulting in a lot of shame and strained communication. A few years in, I set out to make some much needed changes. What you see here is part of the ongoing expression of these changes.

Along with mothering and meditation, I am writing a few books, learning to make a house a home, strengthening my collaboration skills and sharing helpful tools with people who want to clarify their discipline approach, integrate mindfulness into their lives and transform challenges into opportunities.

What you’ll find here is an invitation to choose the presence we bring to parenting and life – specifically when we’re feeling doubt, frustration, anger or even rage. Sometimes things get messy and presence is far from our minds. Other times we love parenting and wonder how we could ever feel as upset as we do. If you know all too well the experience of feeling more anger than you’d like toward those you love most – and are ready to change these patterns one moment at a time – please explore the site and join the mailing list to stay in touch.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Take gentle care,