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Body art with henna is one way to nurture your mind, body and spirit at the same time. Commonly known as mehndi for skin decoration, henna is a plant that is used worldwide to stain fabrics, keep cool during hot weather and temporarily decorate the skin to celebrate various rites of passage from pregnancy to bridal showers and simple gatherings.

Learning the Art of Henna

Early in the summer of 2013 I pondered getting a tattoo to remind me of my spiritual connection to life. One of my kids asked me not to and the idea to learn henna came to mind. I quickly got in touch with a momma friend Joni Rae, who first shared henna with me, and asked all kinds of questions so I could get started and create my own natural henna paste.

Little did I know, I wasn’t just learning about henna, I was beginning the journey of exploring an artistic medium with a rich history traceable for thousands of years. I fell in love.

How I Share Henna

faithhennaCreating with henna is very relaxing for me. I hope the same for those on the receiving end. In addition to getting henna for fun or celebration, here are some ways I feel henna can be beneficial…

  • Relax and affirm your strengths and creativity through design. Drawing on the body with the intent to care for it, instead of rebel or regard the body negatively. All henna designs come from the heart (even if they’re out of a book), and I’m happy to lead you and/or your group in guided meditation while we decorate.
  • Have you experienced some setbacks with your body, or abuse, that results in negative self-talk about your body or have you ever said, “I need ________ tattooed somewhere prominent on my body”? Henna offers a temporary reminder of the inherent beauty within you and can be coupled with affirmative words, sayings or designs.
  • Have you been thinking about getting a tattoo but don’t really want something permanent? Henna can provide an opportunity to do some decoration without a lasting commitment (since it usually lasts 1-4 weeks).

Henna Safety

Safety is of utmost importance. Most people can enjoy the art of henna application to the skin, but those with sensitivities of any kind are advised to discuss them with me before getting henna. The only henna paste I use is homemade by me with 100% natural henna powder, sugar, lavender or tea tree family essential oils and water or diluted lemon juice. A current ingredient list is available during sessions.

People who get henna from me are educated about the risks of “black henna” with chemical additives so you know what to be aware of if you get henna from other artists in the future.

Schedule A Party or Session

hennapartyReady for henna?

Contact me to schedule a session, party or event in the mid Michigan area. My hourly rate is $50. Parties and gatherings start at $50/hour with a 2 hour minimum. Designs rates may be negotiated to meet other henna needs.

Although I’m open to doing extensive pieces, I am still building my skills and will be honest about what I can create. I do offer henna by donation or barter and create space for volunteer events when possible. I am especially interested in supporting women and mothers in decorating their bodies to increase self-love and confidence. Pregnant and postpartum mothers are encouraged to connect with me for henna by donation. I’d love to help you nurture your body while you care for the lives of others.

Inspiring body art comes in various forms. A simple word or phrase can help focus your mind, or an elegant design can inspire you to nurture your body. I am always open to trying a new design or affirmation. Please scroll down or visit Intuitive Henna on Facebook to view pictures of past work.

Learn More About Henna

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