What Does Suspending Judgment Look Like in Real Life?

I sat in his office looking more into him than at him, since that’s how I interact with most people, noticing how I felt this amazing sense of peace as he said the words, “suspend judgment”. Of course, this isn’t …

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Choosing, Breathing, Trusting Jesus

The water moved over her fingers like a waterfall as she caressed the food off of the plates and down into the sink in preparation for the dishwasher. As I watched her and the steady cascade of water rinsing whatever …

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Unbreakable – Fear, You Are My Friend

One of the residual effects of experiencing sexual assault, as well as growing up in a world where force and control are two of the most common modes of communication, is fear.

Fear that comes from feeling confused in …

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Unbreakable – How Sexual Assault Affects My Life

This posts contains information that may be triggering for people who have experienced sexual assault or other trauma and forms of force. Feel free read on if desired.

The first time I experienced sexual assault, I was 3. I have …

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Resting with Neelam

It’s been a while. A little over a year since I wrote a blog post actually. Didn’t notice?

That’s okay, I’ve been resting (in between and inside of moments with the kids, pets and everything else I have my …

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